4 Easy Steps To Get Your PA Medical Card

 Schedule your appointment today with a licensed marijuana doctor for a renewal or a new medical marijuana card certification at our discounted rates. Get access to natural pain and anxiety medications and start feeling better the natural way!

4 Easy steps | Medical Marijuana Certifications, LLC

  1. Book your appointment.
  2. Receive an email confirming your appointment time.
  3. Follow the instructions in the confirmation email and complete an online form through our HIPAA compliant Patient Portal.    (Required documentation, permissions, and payment)
  4. Follow the instructions in the confirmation email to attend your appointment.


Complete A Brief Intake Form

You will need to complete a short online form and prepay your appointment. The doctor will review your files and meet your on your ZOOM video link at your scheduled time. They will ask if you have any questions, and certify you for the state program. You will also need to have an active account with the Department of Health. All needed information about registering is INSIDE our intake form.

Pennsylvania law has a list of medically qualifying conditions. Our doctors certify that you have one of these conditions and a Pennsylvania resident. You will receive 24/7 Dispensary Verification for 12 months.

Schedule Your Appointment

Choose between INITIAL Certification or Annual RENEWAL. This does not include the required state fee to make and ship your card ($25/$50 yr).

ZOOM With The Doctor

All of our doctors are approved and registered with the Pennsylvania Department of Health, and can verify your medical diagnosis and approve you to use natural pain and anxiety medications, secondary to your current treatment plan.

Pay State Fee & Watch Your Mail

Your card will arrive approximately 7-10 days from your payment date. To check, log onto the state website and look at the PATIENT CERTIFICATION issue date. That is the mailing date and will also let you know if your account is ACTIVE or disabled. 

Online Medical Card Initial Certifications $125/$75 Renewals (*only available in Pennsylvania). We now service the entire state of PA through our virtual office portal.

Go Shopping & Start Feeling Better!

Don’t forget to contact your local dispensary BEFORE your initial visit. Most are requiring online applications, pre-orders and phone consultations. Please be advised that you will need to bring your PATIENT ID CARD and STATE ISSUED PHOTO ID for every dispensary purchase. Please drive responsibly!

Portal Registration

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